Who is Lyne Halim


Lyne Halim is a leading brand in hand-made embroidery clothing design for women, since 1975. Throughout the years we have been continuously striving to enhance the beauty of Indonesian women, by reviving the authenticity of Indonesian hand-made embroidery. Along with semi kebaya blouses, trousers, skirts and dresses we also try to refashion batik for the modern women.


Our founder’s love for clothing and all things beautiful ignited the creation of Lyne Halim over 35 years ago. Her passion to always dress up nicely, whatever the occasions, has dedicated her to create clothing for women regardless of age


With undeniable expertise in pattern making and well trained seamstress, Lyne Halim offers a high quality piece of work as well as fashion. Hand-made in Indonesia and only uses the highest quality of materials.


Our mission is to accommodate women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable everyday wearing functional clothes


- Lyne Halim -